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Van Gogh colouring book for adults

The colouring book Colour Your Own Van Gogh is now available in the museum shop, the online shop and bookshops. This colouring book enables adults to bring colour to the masterpieces of Van Gogh. Publisher Karakter worked with the museum to launch the book on the international market.

Colour pencil, paint or crayon

Kleur je eigen Van Gogh/Colour Your Own Van Gogh contains 30 Van Gogh paintings from the collection of the Van Gogh Museum, meticulously drawn in black and white.These colouring sheets are printed on special paper, so that they can be used not only with colour pencils, but also various types of paint as well as wax crayons, for example.

The book also contains reproductions of the original paintings, so that you can either colour the drawings according to their original colours, or use your own imagination.