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Dress rehearsal for the new entrance building

In preparation for the official opening on 4 September, the new entrance building was temporarily open for around 800 visitors on 18 August. The dress rehearsal was designed to test all the new facilities before they were officially opened to the public. It was also a chance for the employees to experience receiving visitors in the new areas, and to evaluate how it all went. Feedback from the public was used to make last-minute improvements before the building was officially opened. The new entrance building will enable the museum to receive more visitors in the best and most welcoming way possible. The opening of the new entrance building was expected to generate a lot of public interest. To make sure that every one and every thing is fully prepared for the occasion, it was essential to practice in an almost-real situation.

Discovering and resolving teething problems

The public was actively asked about their visitor experience. The responses provided a lot of information about the appearance of the new entrance building, as well as the experience in the building and along the routes. The majority of the visitors thought that access via the museum’s new entrance building went smoothly. They also thought that the routes and the locations of the facilities were well thought out. One concern was the waiting area outside, especially the signposting, the queue layout, and the route from the ticket office to the entrance.

Staff were very pleased to have this run-through, so they could practice working in the new building before the grand opening.