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Collection and photo studio return home

Major project completed

In September, work started on moving the collection back to its own depots in the museum. This huge project involved moving 350 paintings, around 5,200 works on paper, several dozen objects, 9,500 books and magazines and 133 metres of documentation and archive material.
The collection and the photo studio had been housed elsewhere temporarily since 2012, while the Rietveld building was being renovated and during the construction work for the new entrance building. It was now time to return the works to the state-of-the-art depots, which were completed during the rebuilding.

Impressive collaborative effort

The registrars of the museum planned the many transport journeys in great detail. Restorers made the works ready for transportation and checked the condition of all the works before and after the move. Restoration assistants improved the frames and ensured that everything was carefully packed and placed in special transportation crates to ensure safe transport. Finally, library staff supervised and helped with the packing and relocation of all the library objects. This immense project was finished in November 2015.